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  We are recent "converts" to the world of Boerboels though we are experienced with large, rare breed dogs. After losing our last Fila Brasilero (Brazilian Mastiff) to cancer we began looking for a new breed for home protection.

After traveling to a number of Boerboel breeders in both the U.S. and Canada and plenty of research we met with LionsHead Kennels in Virginia. At LionsHead we found both excellent dogs and breeders with integrity. Four of our dogs came directly from LionsHead. We imported Graslands Osito directly from South Africa to add to the breeding program. We like the athleticism of the Graslands dogs and the extensive history they have.

In our location we need dogs that will perform their given tasks. Our dogs are exposed to many environmental stimuli and not all dogs have sound enough nerve to be in this environment.

All of our dogs live within family environments. They are not kennel dogs but rather family companions, raised with children.

We desire to breed dogs of a high standard able to perform their task as well as being attractive. More than that we look to maintain our integrity, and that in contacting us you will receive honest answers to your questions rather than a sales pitch. If you get a dog from us, we want that dog to be the right fit, and if that means recommending a different breeder to you, we hope to be honest in doing that.


We guarantee our pups to be healthy and representative of the breed. Our pups are veterinarian checked within a few days of whelping and closely monitored for any health issues. Our pups are properly nourished and up-to-date on vaccinations and worming at time of departure from our home. Once a pup leaves our home, the responsibility of providing care, nutrition, health, training, socialization and everything necessary to ensure a healthy and happy dog becomes the responsibility of the new owner. We are here as a resource for the new owner but the dog is dependant on the new owner.

Our pups are sold as pets and as such we offer a limited guarantee. We guarantee the pups to be healthy when they leave here, and to be a resource to the new owner. Although most breeders offer more extensive guarantees, including replacing pups, we feel that very rarely will anyone want to "trade-in" their pup and would rather be realistic with expectations on both sides. We breed to reduce health risks as much as possible and for strong temperament.

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Billabong Boerboels / Dekken Kennels

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The Logan family, Doug Angel Aaron and Avery live in Philadelphia.  Doug is a Pastor in a local church with a specialty working in cross-cultural ministry.  Angel works in the medical field.  They have been married for 9 years.  Prior to Boerboels they bred Cane Corsos and Pressa Canarios. Doug was the President of the area Presa Canario Club. 

The Crosscombe family, Coz, Joyce, Saiyeh, Melanie and Emma also live in Philadelphia.  Coz is an Australian who serves local churches, helping them strategically partner together.  Joyce works with women and children.  They have been married for 12 years.  Prior to Boerboels they bred Fila Brasileros.